Movies and TV shows often give us the impression that all bodyguards are six foot tall, dressed in black, wear Ray-Bans and talk into their cuffs. Sorry to disappoint you, but that isn't always the case!

People think the imposing stature of large bodyguards will intimidate onlookers and keep attackers away. Often this couldn't be further from the truth, with large, burly bodyguards bringing more attention to their clients, which could cause them more stress and risk.

In recent years there has been a move to female bodyguards, with Kate Middleton, David Cameron, Tony Blair and Beyonce amongst numerous people making the switch.

What Does a Bodyguard Do?

The job of a bodyguard is varied. It includes escorting their clients through their daily activities, and planning any journeys or events to minimise risk. They may conduct background checks on people they come into contact with, and ensure their clients' safety at all times by inspecting their vehicles and pre-checking any areas they will be visiting.

Bodyguards have to be super fit with a huge amount of stamina. They're trained in hand-to-hand combat and the use of non-lethal weapons. They also have excellent driving skills and, most importantly, they have the ability to stay calm during stressful situations. Being able to think clearly and stick to a contingency plan can be the difference between life and death.

What Makes Female Bodygards Different?

Female bodyguards can blend in more easily without drawing attention to themselves. Their discreet presence means they could be mistaken for a family member, friend or nanny. The female bodyguard can do the school run or accompany you shopping without standing out. The advantage of this is that a family can go about their day-to-day activities without drawing attention to themselves. Also, if there was an attack, the perpetrator is more likely to be taken by surprise, not expecting a bodyguard, and will likely be overpowered.

Who Could Use a Female Bodyguard?

Anybody can use a female bodyguard, but in particular female bodyguards are ideal for female clients, as this ensures they can have protection whatever situation they are in. They can escort females to the bathroom and they will not look out of place shopping with them in a department store. Also, some cultures and religions will have requirements for their female members.

What Other Benefits Do Female Bodyguards Bring?

In general, females are better at reading body language and can diffuse a tense situation before it escalates. A level head is always best in a dangerous situation. Females can be better at conflict resolution and staying calm during stressful situations, and they are known for their effective decision-making and agile thinking. All of these skills are crucial to being a good bodyguard, as well as having strong communication and observational skills.

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