Movies have a lot to answer for. Whether it's convincing us we can look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club or forcing us to repaint the walls after an eight-year-old Spider-Man tried to run up them while fighting the Green Goblin - we develop our ideas about the world from watching the silver screen.

Films are also single-handedly responsible for creating an image of the close protection detail - the stoic heroes who take down bad guys and yell: "Get down Mr President!!" every five minutes.

So, what expectations can people have about close protection details? And what should you look for in a professional provider that will keep you, your team, or family safe?

What have we been led to believe?

While our imaginations may vary somewhere between The Bodyguard and John Wick, personal protection is foremost about avoiding conflict and ensuring a VIP isn't put in harm's way.

For films, the bodyguard is an aggressive superstar who tackles the bad guys head on, handing out beatings while staying cool during a crisis or evading gunfire.

Sadly (or fortunately!) the truth is very different.

A professional close protection detail is based around two primary factors, the protection of the client and the avoidance of conflict.

This involves extensive pre-planning and preparation to ensure routes are checked, threats are fully understood, and multiple plans of action are in place in the event of an incident.

While the idea of breaking away from traffic or being ushered away from the scene of an incident may appear 'cool', being involved that episode certainly isn't.

In addition, while on-screen bodyguards are often tortured individuals trying to make their way in the world, any members of a protection detail are chosen with the greatest possible care.

This involves sourcing professionals with relevant experience in the armed, or special, forces that are trained to the highest possible standards and have continuously demonstrated an ability to remain calm and level-headed under pressure.

While these individuals do not run away from conflict, they do not actively approach it either and will aim to remove a VIP from potential danger as a priority before taking action to address the issue.

And, when that is not possible, they will act with decisiveness to ensure that the situation is de-escalated or neutralised.

What is quality close protection?

A successful close protection detail is one where the agents in question are barely noticeable until they need to take quick, decisive action.

This means the ideal professional should have the following characteristics:


While it may be helpful to have a team around you, protecting you from all angles - it can get old pretty quickly. Security can he disruptive, and any quality coverage will allow you to go about your day with the minimum of fuss - making their presence known when they are needed or quietly dispensing advice when required. Of course, some details can be visible to actively discourage interference.

In this case, having a team nearby can still permit you to complete essential tasks.


Rigorously planning your protection is essential, but the ability to respond to a changing situation is key. While this can involve the production of in-depth contingencies, a high degree of professional expertise and experienced operant in the locality permits them to make the right decision when an incident occurs. This also extends to accommodating unique needs you may have for your team, whether it means attending conferences, having important meetings or dealing with a prescriptive time frame. No matter your requirements, any professional should be able to accommodate them or provide a workable, safe alternative.

Conflict Averse

No detail should ever aim to actively escalate a situation they are in engaged with. From the first point of planning, conflict or aggressive behaviour should be avoided at all costs Ė especially when colleagues, friends, family or bystanders can potentially be put at risk by an incident. This means acting decisively to de-escalate or remove a client from a situation, preventing them from being placed in harmís way or derailing established plans that can guarantee security for your party.

Additional Services

No two clients are the same in any industry, and that applies doubly for the world of personal protection. No matter the issue you are dealing with, a solid protection team should be able to provide you with a range of options to cover your daily needs. This can range from armoured cars, detailed decoys, the provision of uniquely-skilled staff, armed professionals and more - allowing you to address known issues and have the resources in place to deal with complications that would otherwise be impossible to predict.

Ask: "What additional services do you provide and what ones do you feel would be right for my unique situation?"

Get the real thing

If you want to learn more about the reality of securing quality, professional close protection care rather than the movie version, the team at Stratis Secure is here to help.

With many years' experience operating across a range of sectors, we understand the importance of assembling a detail that meets your personal and professional needs

If you have additional questions, you can get in touch with our team directly and let us know exactly what you need to address your security concerns. < br/>

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