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Here at Stratis Secure, we offer a full range of security services that includes executive protection (EP). Our full and comprehensive close protection service is suited for all situations, short term visits or longer term commitments. If you are looking for executive protection that can augment and enhance your existing personal security then Stratis Secure can help.

All our operators are individually selected. They each have a wealth of relevant experience and excellent local knowledge. Partnered with an array of both technical and physical tools to supplement the service to our clients.

What is Executive Protection?

Executive protection, also known as close protection is an advanced level of security to safeguard VIPs, celebrities, executives or other individuals deemed at high risk as a result of their wealth, geographical location, status or religious and political beliefs. The idea of executive protection was actually coined back in 1970s by the US secret service when protecting foreign officials. A highly specialised field within the private security industry, executive protection involves a high level of risk assessment and research to underpin the level of invasion or danger exposed to the principle figure and their family or associates. More than just a bodyguard and depending on the imposed threat, executive protection could also include an advanced home security system, private transport or drivers and employee background checks.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is key. Executive protection seeks to identify the potential threats and vulnerabilities in order to devise a program to mitigate any risks known to the individual or group. Some crucial factors to consider would be the prominence of the figure, do they have any opposition groups, has there been any specific threats or there is the possibility of a threat and will they be travelling overseas, particularly into hostile environments. These days, social media is also a big risk factor as the instant criticism of a high profile individual or group can spread far and wide and into the hands of lone activists and fringe groups in a matter of seconds.

We've got your back

At Stratis Secure we are experts in private security and our team has comprehensive executive protection experience, training and qualifications. Our extensive close protection service has everything you might need regardless of the situation or duration of protection required. All of our security operatives are individually selected and have a wealth of experience relevant to your needs coupled with excellent local knowledge.

Why choose Stratis Secure?

If you are looking for executive protection that can augment and enhance your existing personal security, then Stratis Secure can help. With over 20 years' experience working in the close protection and security industry, our team consists of both qualified and proven bodyguards, close protection experts and senior security consultants.

Our skillsets cater for all scenarios and circumstances and because we understand that every client has unique requirements, we will work closely with you to individually select the best executive protection expert to match your criteria, profile and personal concerns.
Stratis Secure are fully licensed with the Security Industry Authority, and have received full First Aid and Medical Training. Choose Stratis Secure to provide your executive protection services and you will partner with one of the best security consultancies in the U.K.
Knowledgeable and proficient, we will strategise and execute our services at the optimum level. Providing security that you can trust.

Partner with one of the best security consultancies in the U.K.

If you have an executive protection (EP) requirement and would like to discuss your project in more depth or find out more about our expertise and other services then please get in touch today.

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