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Every person and organisation has an on-line footprint. The world thrives on utilising the Internet for business and networking – both professionally and privately. This can be both a positive asset and a negative hindrance and one over which you have little control.

On-line Reputation Management and Social Media Review

Such is the power of social media that in today’s world, hard earned reputations forged over years can be destroyed in minutes. The speed and ease in which people express their views on-line increases daily and opinions are formed and published, often without evidence. Without appropriate management, businesses and reputations can be destroyed without any consideration of the consequence.

Social Media Analysis is a tool Stratis Secure can offer which monitors your on-line profile and that of your interests in a controlled manner - a specific and bespoke service that gives you a complete overview of what is being said on a weekly basis both on Social Media and the wider World Wide Web.

Stratis Secure have the software technologies as well as the human expertise to understand on-line trends through 24/7 monitoring of deep web and data sweeps. From this an accurate assessment can be made to ensure personal safety, assets and reputations are not compromised as it allows time for additional measures to be taken. Analysis is documented and interrogated on a weekly basis, allowing you to review the headlines.

Social Media Dangers - Stratis Secure share thoughts on Kim Kardashian back on social media and how high profile celebrities and high net worth individuals can mitigate the downsides of social media in the current climate.

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