There are going to be times when you're out and about on foot, whether you're going for a morning run, walking home after an event, or moving between meetings in the city. In such situations it's important to be aware of your surrounds, especially if you're a VIP or celebrity and therefore more of a potential target. Here are a few rules to help ensure your safety.

Be Visible

Make sure you can be seen, especially if you're out running in the morning or evening. During the day, wear bright colours and at night wear light-coloured or reflective clothing. Be careful at dawn and dusk, as drivers may have difficulty with the rising and setting sun in their eyes.

Don't Wear Earphones

Wearing earphones decreases your ability to stay alert to the sounds around you. If you really have to wear them, make sure that they're at a level where you can hear outside noises or just put one bud in your ear.

Stay Away From Texting or Phoning

Always be aware of where you're walking, your surrounds and the people around you. Phoning or texting while walking is very distracting and you'll be seen as an easy target for pickpockets or attackers. If you need to use your phone, find a safe spot to stop and use it.

Keep Valuables Hidden

Don't flaunt your jewellery and expensive technology and, just in case, stash your money in more than one place and consider carrying a decoy purse or wallet.

Stay in Well-Lit Areas

If you're walking home at night, stick to well-lit main roads and paths and, if possible, walk home with some friends. There's safety in numbers and you're less likely to be approached by a stranger.

Inform Someone of Your Movements

If you're walking between meetings in the city, let someone know your plans, the route you'll be taking, and what time you expect to arrive.

Walk in the Direction Facing the Traffic

When walking on the pavement, walk in the direction of the traffic. Cars are less likely to be able to pull up behind you, and you'll be able to see approaching traffic. Wearing your bag across your body can make you less susceptible to motorbikes thieves looking for an easy target. < br/>

Walk Tall

Positive body language makes it harder for people to take advantage of you. Appear confident, walk with a good posture and purpose, and try to look streetwise rather than scared and uneasy. < br/>

Stay Safe

If you know you are going to be out by yourself, be responsible and use your common sense. Always carry ID and your mobile phone, keep your eyes and ears open, and your hands free. < br/>If you're out and about in a location with a dangerous reputation or are a VIP or celebrity, you may wish to consider employing security personnel to keep you safe in certain situations. To find out more about our close protection and security services, contact Stratis Secure today.

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