Choosing to hire a bodyguard or a close protection operative is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly. Ultimately you or someone you know must be living in uncertain and dangerous territory with good reason for added security; it's worth doing your homework to ensure you choose the right person for your situation and the right type of protection.

So who needs this type of protection, and why?

A bodyguard or close protection operative serves to protect the life or lifestyle of an individual or group and they are trained to know how to read people and different situations. No matter whether it's a private individual or corporation, there are many different types of individual and group situations where this level of protection is a must.

Top 6 Reasons for Hiring a Bodyguard

Private security in the form of a bodyguard or a close protection operative affords peace of mind for personal and professional people or organisations. In this day and age there are a myriad of public risks to be mindful of, from perturbed individuals and the mentally unstable to dangerous protestors and terrorist groups. Individuals of high net worth where their value is often publicised online may feel particularly vulnerable along with government officials and military personnel. Below are the top five reasons bodyguards or close protection operatives are hired:

  • Performing duties internationally and / or in hostile environments:This is commonplace for high profile corporates, government officials and celebrities and can come with high risks unless sufficient protection is arranged.

  • Protection from the media:The paparazzi often know no boundaries. No matter whether you are a private individual or a public figure, becoming engulfed by the press can be extremely overwhelming not to mention a direct attack on your privacy.

  • Involved in court proceedings:If you are involved in a high profile court case or if you feel intimated or threatened during the process it makes sense to protect yourself in the best way possible.

  • Stalkers / kidnapping: There have been many cases of stalking which lack the correct restraints and resolve. Knowing you have someone watching your back could minimise stress and be a real life-saver.

  • Large scale events: You can never be too careful at large scale events. In addition to your normal security requirements, it could also be wise to safeguard certain high-target individuals for extra protection and peace of mind.

  • How Stratis Secure can help

    Stratis Secure has the training and know-how to blend into your home or workplace to provide high quality protection tailored to your needs. Founded 20 years ago we have experience in many different security-driven situations and we are experts in understanding your needs along with the provision and management of your close protection and security requirements.

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