Residential Security Teams provided by Stratis Secure

Nobody should feel vulnerable while at home and protecting it by hiring a residential security team (RST) is a potential solution. Its presence, whether you are there or not, can provide peace of mind while at the same time forming an effective first line of defence. The team's members can also be sent to a property that is vacant while awaiting a sale or rental. We are flexible, and an RST can be deployed in isolation to protect your property if a close-protection service isn't necessary.

What we do

Stratis Secure takes a thorough and methodical approach when evaluating the vulnerability of a house or location. Threats against VIPs and executives can come from a range of sources; a disgruntled employee, an obsessive fan, a protestor, a stalker or in a worst-case scenario a criminal organisation. That's why it is crucial to be fully prepared. The executive residential surveys we do include a comprehensive overview of both the physical and technical properties of high-profile residences to identify any potential weaknesses. After that, we draw up a detailed risk assessment that recommends priorities for attention. We can also check any existing security systems and advise on how they could be improved. We promise to work in collaboration with you to find a solution that is carefully tailored to the specific requirements for both you and your property. Stratis Secure can then assemble a residential security team consisting of close-protection operatives with first-hand experience in this field.

More specifically, they can be asked to:

  • Manage security systems and associated technology.
  • Including, but not restricted to, video surveillence, alarm systems, keypad entry, motion detectors, security lights, panic alarms, thermal sensors, locks and fences.

  • Be an obvious physical deterrent.
  • Our experts can carry out constant patrols of your property around to the clock, controlling access for visitors.

  • Provide protection as personal bodyguards.
  • If you feel vulnerable in your daily routine, then our highly-trained individuals can accompany you.

  • Be ready to act in an emergency.
  • They can prepare and active a plan when required, such as intercepting an intruder or responding to an attack.

    Benefits of employing a residential security team

    They aren't simply bodyguards, they can be used to meet any other security needs you or your family has (as outlined in the section above). Our operators are personable, discrete and work to the highest professional standards to make sure you benefit from the best protection around the clock. Stratis Secure is a specialist in its chosen field with the know-how and skill developed over time providing residential security teams for an array of clients.

    Why choose Stratis Secure?

    Our staff has amassed more than 20 years' experience working in the security industry as qualified bodyguards, close-protection experts or senior consultants.

    Stratis Secure is licensed by the Security Industry Authority and our experts have received up-to-date first aid and medical traning.

    By choosing us to provide a residential security team, you will partner with one of the best consultancies in the UK.

    Our service is one you can trust and rely on.
    To find out more about how we can work together, call a member of our team on 01784 778313 or send an email to

    Residential Security Teams

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