A seemingly essential piece of kit for any security professional, sunglasses are worn for reasons other than trying to make their owner look cool.

So, why do bodyguards wear them?

And what else do they have in their wardrobe that makes their job easier to do?

Why do they wear sunglasses?

A standard accessory for close protection officers in locations across the world, sunglasses afford the wearer several advantages.

These include:

The element of surprise: The dark lenses of sunglasses allow bodyguards to hide their eyes, preventing attackers from knowing where they are looking. This could prompt hesitancy in the attacker, and permits the wearer to scan a crowd, audience, or street without giving away the focus of their attention. This can also help obscure an earpiece - a giveaway for any bodyguard - and prevent assailants from noticing their presence until it is too late.

Improved vision and protection: Unsurprisingly, sunglasses work to block blinding rays from the sun and can help improve the wearer's vision on a bright day. This grants the wearer increased visibility, and reduces the chance of being blinded by a flash. They also provide a valuable layer of protection from physical attacks using pepper spray, or protect the eyes from flying debris or damage - with all specialist glasses made from toughened, shatter-resistant materials that can withstand an assault.

Visibility: One of the biggest advantages is the psychological effect they can have on would-be assailants. By blocking their eyes, and wearing them in combination with a uniform alongside other professionals, bodyguards enjoy an imposing appearance that can prevent those that mean harm from acting.

What else do they wear?

Depending on the situation, bodyguards also wear a wealth of extra elements.

Chief among these is a clean, sharp suit.

This allows the professional to blend in easily with crowds in public, at social engagements or in professional situations.

This also helps mark them out as a member of a security detail, giving a would-be attacker pause for thought.

The suit also works to help break up the silhouette or outline of a professional, making it easier for them to wear bullet or stab-proof vests, conceal self-defence tools or collapsible weapons in high-risk situations.

What next?

If you want to learn more about professional security and the role a bodyguard can play in your daily practice, the in-house team at Stratis Secure is here to help.

With over 20 years' experience providing care for clients across a range of sectors, we understand the importance of providing bespoke care that addresses your unique needs and concerns.

If you have any questions you can get in touch directly and let our team know exactly what you need in order to secure the professional protection that you require.

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