How to Stay Safe Out and About in Your Car

Keep yourself safe when you're driving.

Your car is possibly one of the most expensive things you own. Whether you're driving for business or pleasure, it can certainly feel like a home away from home. Therefore you need to take appropriate precautions to protect it and any possessions, especially if it's a high-value vehicle or you're a high net worth individual and therefore more of a potential target. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe when out and about in your car.

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How to Stay Safe Out and About on Foot

Keep yourself safe out and about with our tips.

There are going to be times when you're out and about on foot, whether you're going for a morning run, walking home after an event, or moving between meetings in the city. In such situations it's important to be aware of your surrounds, especially if you're a VIP or celebrity and therefore more of a potential target. Here are a few rules to help ensure your safety.

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Safety Considerations for Lone Travellers

What things do you consider when travelling solo?

When planning a trip abroad as a solo traveller, personal security and the safety of you and your belongings should be high priority. Without solid preparation, you can fall victim to unsavoury characters who, unfortunately, can be found the world over. If you are travelling to a particularly dangerous country or are a high net worth individual, it may be worth considering personal protection services to ensure a safe trip. Here are five safety considerations for lone travellers abroad.

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Social Media Dangers

Are you sharing more than you should?

With Kim Kardashian back on social media after recent events Ex-Royal Military Policeman and now Director of Special Projects at close protection specialists Stratis Secure, Andrew Brown, shares his thoughts as to how high profile celebs and high net worth individuals can mitigate the downsides of social media in the current climate.

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BBC Radio Interview

with Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown, Straits Secure, was recently interviewed by the BBC to talk all things bodyguard.

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